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Hi Plastika 50 M
  Tape Length : 50 Meters
  Tape Width : 13mm
  Weight(In Kgs) :
  • Length of the Tape is 50M (50Meters).
  • The width of the Blade is 13mm (13 Millimeters).
  • Our Tapes have High Tensile Strength, which can withstand over 2kg (4.41lbs) of tension.
  • Our Tape is Non-Conductive, Water Resistant and Easy to clean.
  • Durable Winding Mechanism ensures long life, trouble free Usage and is designed to give accurate measurement.
  • EASY READ® a Registered Trademark of GK-FML, provides a bolder print ensuring easy readability of the scale.
  • Specially Designed Winding Handle for Smooth winding action.
  • Ergonomically Designed Case fits comfortably in Hand.
Name Of Product Tape Length Tape Width Weight(In Kgs)
Hi Plastika 50 M 50 Meters 13mm

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